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What is BeforeYouBid?

A great way to increase the number of buyers for a property by reducing the cost of pre-purchase reports.

BeforeYouBid, a new concept which agents have been using to have pre-purchase reports upfront and ready to go so they can get into negotiations right away and give buyers no excuse to not put in a bid. BeforeYouBid has two pricing models and you can decide which you prefer to use.

On average, people undertake Building and Pest Inspections on up to 5 homes before making a purchase (if they make one). This can result in expenses upwards of $3,000 without even purchasing a property.

As an agent you obviously want as many buyers on a property as possible and by helping purchasers share the cost of Building and Pest or Strata Report you are removing a major obstacle for potential buyers.

You can book an inspection on Ubookr and BeforeYouBid will contact the vendor to purchase the report and arrange the inspection right away.
Book a report

Cost-share pre-purchase inspections.

Increase your buyer pool and save time by cost-sharing pre-purchase inspections with Ubookr and BeforeYouBid.

Book a report