Ubookr: Automated scheduling made easy

Introducing Ubookr, a web application that makes short work of managing bookings for mobile professionals. It fully automates job scheduling and lets customers book straight into your diary.

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Founded by Sydney photographer Cam Curdie, Ubookr grew out of the challenges Cam found being one of Sydney’s first real estate photographers. As business grew, so did the time required to manage the admin side of his business. Managing job bookings, letting agents know availability, allocating jobs to his team, accounting, retouching and so on.

Three years ago Cam decided it was time to streamline everything and had the idea for Ubookr.

What can Ubookr do for you?

Ubookr is now a beautiful cloud based solution for real estate photographers that helps you look after many aspects of running your business, including:

  • Accepting online bookings from your customers
  • Purpose built drag & drop calendar that syncs with Google Calendar to easily arrange your jobs
  • Your own booking page with your logo and a personalised url e.g. magiclight.ubookr.com
  • Agent management – your clients can have a login so they can make and view bookings
  • Calculating travel time between shoots so you have time to get there
  • Custom services and prices for your different agents
  • Email and mobile booking notifications
  • Seriously fast invoicing fully integrated with Xero
  • Agents get automated notifications through their calendar and also via the Ubookr app on their phone
  • iPhone and Android app that is a one stop shop for everything you need for your day. Keep track of and reschedule your jobs on the run, navigate to the next job, sms or call the client with one click

Try all of Ubookr’s features totally free for 30 days

If you like what you see (and we hope you do) there is a totally free plan or you can sign-up for Ubookr Plus and have full access to the enterprise features. Either way there are never any contracts.

So please take a look around and see how Ubookr could be a great match with your business. If you have any feedback don’t hesitate to tell us, we’re always adding new features to make Ubookr better for real estate photographers.